Drake Mourning Loss of Beloved Grandmother

The Canadian rapper has made his love for his grandmother well known over the years. Drake Mourning Loss of Beloved Grandmother

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time for family togetherness and being grateful for what you have.  Without a doubt, this is also the case for Drake’s family but, unfortunately, for some very sad reasons.

The Canadian star tweeted (on Thanksgiving day): "Rest in peace to my grandmother Evelyn Sher. What a day to go...thankful to have had the times we did."

The rapper, who was born Aubrey Graham, was very close to his grandmother and, on at least a couple of occasions, paid tribute to her in his songs.  On “The Winner” he rapped: "Yeah, and in the name of Evelyn Sher/I'll forever forgive anybody that never was there/For me, no other woman could ever compare/My angel I hope heaven's prepared for whenever you there."

Pretty powerful words but there were some other extremely noteworthy moments shared between the two. 

MTV aired a documentary about Drake in 2010 (Drake: Better Than Good Enough) and in one scene he is shown spending time with her when he tells her that he’s signed a record deal and now has millions of dollars.  When he asks her what she wants him to give her, she says: “how about a hug and kiss?”  How amazing is that!?

Also, fans will remember that at the end of his song “Look What I’ve Done,” Evelyn says: "All I can say Aubrey is, I remember the good times we had together and the times I used to look after you and I still have wonderful feelings about that. So God bless you, and I hope I'll see you."

What an incredible lady.  Our condolences go out to Drake and his entire family.

Written on Nov 25 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: drake aubrey graham evelyn sher


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