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Dolly Parton Dr. Robert lyrics is the 51th song on the album "Original Album Classics" by Dolly Parton. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "Dolly Parton’s ‘Blue Smoke’ Album Scheduled to Drop in 2014".
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Dr. Robert by Dolly Parton


Dr. robert f. thomas

May his name forever stand

Dr. robert f. thomas

Was a mighty, mighty man

And he enriched the lives

Of everyone that ever knew him

And in my song i hope to sing

Some of the praise that's due him


Dr. thomas was a man

The lord must have appointed

To live among us mountain folks

In eastern tennessee

And he delivered more than half

The babies in those mountains

Among those babies

He delivered me

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There was no way to drive along

The roads back in those mountains

But dr. thomas got there

Just the same

He often rode on horseback

To get where he was needed

But if he had to walk

He always came


Repeat chorus


Dr. thomas was a friend

A neighbor and a doctor

Though he seldom got a dime

For all he'd done

And i remember lots of times

We sent for dr. thomas

But i don't recall a time

He didn't come


They say a man is judged

By the deeds he does while livin'

A judgement when he stands

Before the lord

And i know heaven holds a place

For men like dr. thomas

And i know that he'll receive

His just reward


Repeat chorus

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