T.i. - Don't You Wanna Be High Lyrics

T.i. Don't You Wanna Be High lyrics is the 13th song on the album "T.i. Vs T.i.p." by T.i.. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "T.I. Releases 'Turn It' Music Video".
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Don't You Wanna Be High by T.i.




You see me chillin' out kickin back in the ride

Wit fly broad on the passenger side. Got a nice

Smile and immaculate eyes. fore' she get inside

She don't have to decide. Cause she can have it

Like she want it we can do it like that. And I

Went and threw it to her and she threw it right

Back. She say nobody gave it to her like that Hit

It from the back I figure you would like that.

Her head and tight pussy good like that And damn

She ain't even from the hood like that So she

Probably never kicked it wit a cool nigga Other

Niggas had her didn't know what to do wit her.

Intimidated by her face and her cute figure. Cause

Her waist real small and her ass way bigger Don't

She know that if I want her I ain't finna play wit

Her. All I gotta do is spend a A wit her

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Hey what it is pretty girl would you like to

Come and kick it wit a nigga for a night or two

And you can take your clothes off if you like to.

And it don't matter 'bout the cost if I like you I

Just do it shawty I ain't gotta try t. Bust a

Move bet ya I can set a fire in you. me chase

Round behind you? Why boo? i'm like you you know

You fly but i'm fly too. you know how to do it

Alwayz ride good. Match the paint wit the wheels

The trunk and the hood. You dealin' wit a real

Nigga get it understood. I'm still in the hood

Even when in Hollywoof. Wit my beat down low and

My top let back You lookin' for a G. well you got

Just that Well I can be a King and you can be my

Princess Baby all you gotta do is say yes.




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