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Don't Stop! by Lupe Fiasco


Now rap Muhammad Ali more like rapology

My policy's not to be dishonestly deprived

So gimme that gimme that keep God where my city at?

I'm like steak and fries but never died

They wanna Ghostface Wallabee me

But they will posthaste follow me into the afterlife

That means you goin' right after I've

But I'm the hero sorta like Jack Sparrow

So some way somehow I have survived


Ha ha surprise!


Who is he that we see comin' over the tides?

In a speedboat boatload of pride

Fall Of Rome dress-shirted and the Mastermind tie

He what happens when rappin' and avant garde fashion collide

OMG it's the C from the CRS

LOLing at you haters tell your BFFs like...

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[Kanye West]

Yes Mr. West just turned that new child rebel

Loud as a bad-ass child level

Who need a chorus? We do it Tyrannosaurus

Tyrone it's been a year with no phone

Could you explain how high is your zone?

We'll take a plane rub his nose in cocaine

His ho's in magazines you lames stay in your lane

And for the hate in advance pull down your pants

Make 'em kiss both cheeks like we livin' in France

Diamonds bluish business manager's Jewish

And if I get sued my lawyers Jews

Some girls do grab the cojones

Said you got enough diamonds to at least Sierra loan us

Brand new Ferraris I gotta make the donuts

CRS is like a hip-hop Christmas bonus

Niggas is hatin' on the Internet? I couldn't tell

I was too busy rappin' good as hell

I was too busy flying - parasail

Get Collette to get the new shit that Paris sell

Tarantino da Vinci gettin' Benji's

Get half off at Fendi half of that's to Cindy's

Hopped out the spaceship put my Mork in Mindy

Popped too many corks to let you dorks offend me

Props to New York but Chi-town's the city

Give my city hoochies Gucci Monica Bellucci's

Are those the real Millionaires or the bendies?

I'm so ultra I'm even over Oprah

Well let me check your account - ha ha no sir!


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