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Don't Go by Trina

Do you Trina take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband

To have and to hold from this day forward

For better or for worse

For richer for poorer

In sickness and in health

To love and to cherish

Form this day forward

Until death do you part



I guess I wasn't enough for you

The things I done for you

Call me I run to you

Whenever you want me to

What have I done to make you hurt me a time or two

Probably more then a few

My heart still beats for you

Wonder what did I do

Damn I should've knew

But still didn't have a clue

My life would be so blue

Yeah I'm hurt it's true

Not feeling me next to you

Laughing at things you do

Kissing and calling me boo

Now it's hard to eat

Damn I feel so weak

And I can't get no sleep

My eyes continue to leak

Pouring out like the rain

This hurts more then pain

Apologizes with the pain

I went against the brain

Baby please don't go

I need you more n more

I'm breaking down on the floor

One thing you should know

Is that I got you

No matter who tells you that

The love we had was wack

Know that I need you back here

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Baby Don't go Don't go

Don't walk away (Don't walk away)

Don't walk away (Don't walk away)

From me



So baby tell me that this ain't true

I open my heart to you

I changed the game for you

Gave up my friends for you

My life just ain't the same

I'm Reaching n calling your name

Remember the things I do

Cooking and cleaning for you

Taking good care of you and

Making sweet love to you

Baby just close your eyes

And picture my hips and thighs

Laying right next to you

I'm getting the best of you

Tell me you need me back

I promise I'm running right back

How did It come to this

Why did you run from this

My loving you got to miss

With you I was full of bliss

Baby please don't go

I just can't take no more

I'm screaming and kicking

Cause really I needs to know

Tell me she's not the one

Tell me I'm number one

And baby can you please tell me and you are still one

Baby it's tough love

Cause you been rough on me

I really miss the way you used to put that dick on me


Baby Don't go Don't go [x3]

Baby Don't walk away

Baby Don't go Don't go [x3]

Just stay with me


Cause if you leave baby baby you'll be breaking my heart

And if you leave baby baby I'll be torn apart

Don't walk away (Don't walk away)

Don't walk away (Don't walk away)

From me


Can't you see

What the hell you doing to me

I'm soaking wet (In tears)

Crying baby (over you)

All on my knees

I'm begging and pleading not to leave

So say that you'll stay (say that you'll stay)

Baby please stay (Pleaseee Stay)


Baby Don't go Don't go [x3]

Baby Don't walk away

Baby Don't go Don't go [x3]

Just stay with me


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