Does Katy Perry Have a Secret Half-Sister?

A woman claims to be the singer's older sister, an offspring from their father's first marriage. Does Katy Perry Have a Secret Half-Sister?

A 43-year-old woman is claiming to have been virtually abandoned by her father as a child.  This, unfortunately, is a story that is all-too-common in this world but one thing makes it unusual – she and Katy Perry share the same father.

Keith Hudson has made his life as a preacher, even admonishing parents to never “close the door on [their] children” in a Youtube video.  It was this clip that angered Jodi Hudson, Keith’s daughter from his first marriage. 

Jodi says that her father does not practice what he preaches and that she “broke down” when she saw that video.  She claims that, after leaving her as a young child, he’s had almost nothing to do with her throughout her life.

She does, however, have a few good memories to draw upon.  She remembers spending a little time with Katy and their siblings, Angela and David.  Katy was “about 4 or 5” at the time when they all spent the night at their father’s house in Santa Barbara.  Jodi says that it was the only time she ever met her famous sister.

Despite this, she had no harsh words for the “Teenage Dream” singer but did say: "It is hurtful that I am kept a secret but I have nothing bad to say about her."

There has been no official comment made about this revelation by Katy Perry or any member of her family.

Written on Nov 29 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: katy perry keith hudson half sister secret sister


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