DNA from Jenni Rivera Plane Crash Being Examined

Days after the Learjet 25 carrying singer Jenni Rivera and six other passengers went down, DNA of the remains are being analyzed. DNA from Jenni Rivera Plane Crash Being Examined

The tragic plane crash involving Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera, the “Diva de la Banda,” occurred over the weekend. Days after, the DNA from the seven passengers’ remains aboard the flight is being examined.

Mexican authorities are presently performing the tests, with results taking days to come together. Along with testing DNA to confirm all deaths, the history of the plane’s owner and the accident itself are being analyzed. The Learjet 25 is reported to have disintegrated once the crash occurred in the Nuevo Leon region of northern Mexico. Remains were taken to a hospital in Monterrey.

The flight, as well, may not have been equipped with data recorders. An emergency call did not occur before the crash.

Aside from the incident itself, the Learjet’s owner, Starwood Management of Las Vegas, is being examined further. The company was involved in a federal lawsuit in Nevada, and more recently, one of its planes was seized by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

It’s estimated that the initial report of the incident will take at least 10 days to materialize.

Rivera, born in California, is considered the most successful grupero singer and sold 15 million albums over the course of her career. Along with music, she tried acting and dabbled in reality television. Passing away at 43, she had five children and two grandchildren.

Brother Juan Rivera, however, informed the press that he hopes his sister is still alive. He stated: "In our eyes, we still have faith that my sister will be OK. We have no confirmation of her body being recovered, dead or alive."

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