Disclosure Speak About Writing New Material for Potential Sophomore Album

After turning in a hit last year, duo Disclosure are already writing new material for a potential sophomore album. Disclosure Speak About Writing New Material for Potential Sophomore Album

Over the past year, U.K. duo Disclosure, known for a garage-influenced sound, went from being unknown – they purportedly played to an extremely small crowd at the 2013 Ultra Music Festival – to scoring a hit album and multiple singles.

Settle went up to No. 38 on the Billboard 200 and gave listeners such hits as “White Noise,” featuring Aluna George, “Latch,” and “F for You,” with Mary J. Blige, and in a recent interview with, the duo addressed what they plan to do next.

Howard Lawrence explained they’re already writing songs: “Some of it might it onto the record, some of it might not.”

But regardless of whether it does or doesn’t, they’ve been trying out new sounds. Lawrence said: “We’ve been trying a lot of different stuff, I think because of what Guy [Lawrence] said. Because we’re not working for any particular release, we’re not writing for an album or an EP, we’re just having fun with it. We’ve been experimenting with different sounds, we’ve been listening to a lot of different music than we were with the first album. I think that will naturally happen. We’re not going to stray anywhere too far from what we did the first time around. We still feel like we’ve got a lot to give in that area.”

Along with doing well on the charts, Settle was nominated in the Best Dance/Electronica category for the 2014 Grammy Awards.

Written on May 15 2014 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: disclosure


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