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Dirt Road by Frank Foster

Me and my brother we were young and wild

Lord we sure wanted to be like him

We sure liked his style

He was our first hero and he was kind you see

And Daddy taught us well

How to tote a gun how to ride like a cowboy

How to hunt like an Indian

How to be a rebel and how to be free

How to be a southern boy and a southern man

And how to make a livin using your two hands

How to do most anything just to get by

And that was life



Down on a Dirt road where things don't change

And everyone still knows your name

You've got a place to call home and you've got place to hide

You've got a land you love and a name to be proud of

And you've got the address to the Good Lord up above

There ain't much more you could ever ask for

When you're born down on a dirt road

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I still talk to mama sometimes on the phone

She always wants to know when I'm coming in

Son when you coming home

Lord boy I miss ya and I miss your smile

So talk to God Son when you lie down in bed

And thank the Good Lord up above for the woman that you wed

Boy she's an angel and that's plain to see

So talk to God and treat her good

And take your life easy boy just like your daddy would

And oh yeah son don't forget your dreams

That you dreamed




So from Cypress Bottom on down to Summerfield

Lisbon Athens Homer Junction and Haynesville

That ol bayou country is where I long to be

Cruising down a lake road blastin my country sound

Louisiana and I got my windows down

Lord it feels so good just to be free

And to be me




I was born down on a dirt road

Lord knows

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