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Video for title song from Diplo's 2004 album, "Florida". Directed by Ben Lister.

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  • Diplo Album Cover
    by Diplo | Rating: -

    Can you see it? The worst is over The monsters in my head are scared of love Fallen people listen up! It's never too late to change our luck So don't let them steal your ...

  • Diplo Album Cover
    Biggie Bounce
    by Diplo | Rating: -

    Biggie bounce biggie bounce biggie bounce [x8] You gotta face all like lisa ray Get a clear slope on the freedom lane Nigga try reroute it's gonna be ok Valet park ...

  • Evil Boy
    by Die Antwoord | Rating: -

    ... shirt on 'cause it's fokken hot Let's go Diplo pump it up! Girls wanna say hello to me From ... fokken fresh flow!" Ninja Wanga & Yo-Landi Vi$$er Versus Diplo!

  • Earthquake
    by Dj Fresh | Rating: -

    ... this shit like everyday Drop like an earthquake DJ Fresh Diplo Hey Diplo sing it baby Air make the ground shake ground ...

  • Awesome
    by Sammy Adams | Rating: -

    ... That's probation But twerk it like a pro Thanks Diplo that's amazing And the girl is on the soccer ...

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