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George Harrison Devil's Radio lyrics is the 16th song on the album "Live In Japan" by George Harrison. The "Devil's Radio" lyrics by George Harrison are displayed below.
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Devil's Radio by George Harrison

Gossip gossip gossip gossip


I heard it in the night words that thoughtless speak

Like vultures swooping down below on the devil's radio

I hear it through the day airwaves gettin' filled

With gossip broadcast to and fro on the devil's radio


Oh yeah gossip gossip oh yeah


He's in the clubs and bars and never turns it down

Talking about what he don't know on the devil's radio

He's in your TV set won't give it a rest

That soul betraying so and so the devil's radio


Gossip gossip gossip gossip

Oh yeah gossip gossip oh yeah

Gossip oh yeah oh yeah gossip

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It's white and black like industrial waste

Pollution of the highest degree

You wonder why I don't hang out much

I wonder how you can't see


He's in the films and songs and on all your magazines

It's everywhere that you may go the devil's radio


Oh yeah gossip gossip oh yeah


Runs thick and fast no one really sees

Quite what bad it can do

As it shapes you into something cold

Like an Eskimo igloo


It's all across our lives like a weed it's spread

'till nothing else has space to grow the devil's radio

Can creep up in the dark make us hide behind shades

And buzzing like a dynamo the devil's radio


Gossip oh yeah gossip oh yeah gossip

Gossip gossip gossip oh yeah gossip

I heard you on Satan's wireless gossip oh yeah

You know the devil's radio child gossip

Gossip gossip gossip

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