Depeche Mode Announce 2013 Tour and Album

At a press conference today, Depeche Mode announced plans for a 2013 album and supporting tour. Depeche Mode Announce 2013 Tour and Album

Over the past year, Depeche Mode’s David Gahan and Martin Gore have dropped hints about their upcoming studio album, discussing progress and estimating the release would be finished by the end of the year. In a conference call today from Paris, the British synth-pop band behind hits “Enjoy The Silence” and “Never Let Me Down” announced official plans for the album and supporting tour.

Their 13th album is expected to drop in April 2013 and, as of now, features 20 tracks produced by Gore and Ben Hillier, who was behind 2005’s Playing the Angel and 2009’s Sounds of the Universe.

The tour begins on May 7 in Tel Aviv and lasts through July. The band is presently scheduled to play 34 dates in 25 countries during the European leg. After this portion, the band heads over to North America.

During the press conference, Gahan stated: “You put everything you can into a performance. To be able to really feel it is something very raw and very emotional - to the point that sometimes by the end of the show, it’s really difficult to say goodbye, because you experienced something together. Performing is really an emotional thing.”

Depeche Mode’s 2009-’10 tour was a successful endeavor, selling 2.5 million tickets worldwide. With 100 million albums sold on a global scale, they are considered the most successful electronic band. To hold fans over the past year with new music, Gore, the band’s songwriter, keyboardist, and guitarist, collaborated with former Mode member Vince Clarke, and the two released a techno album.

Written on Oct 23 2012 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: depeche mode


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