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  • Linkin Park Album Cover
    My Own Summer
    by Linkin Park | Rating: -

    ... I'll spit it out eventually Anybody like the Deftones? Got any Deftones' fans in the house? Put em' up if you ...

  • El Scorcho
    by Deftones | Rating: -

    ... good for me I asked you to go to the Deftones concert You said you never heard of them How cool ...

  • A Cool Breeze
    by Mac Lethal | Rating: -

    ... supposed to fear death god is smokin crack Plugged to deftone Put me in your rock band and i might pierce ...

  • Standing on the edge of the quay No light flashes on the water for me Fog in my mind darkness in my eyes Silently screaming for a distant sound Ripple river yellows ...

  • I can't move her... Obsessed with protection This is a bad idea She needs affection What me?! Drive around town forced to talk Pass that church again Where's a parking ...

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