50 Cent - Death To My Enemies Lyrics

50 Cent Death To My Enemies lyrics is the 3rd song on the album "Before I Self-Destruct" by 50 Cent. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "50 Cent Says ‘Street King Immortal’ is Still on, Out by September".
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Death To My Enemies by 50 Cent


[Repeat Chorus:]


[Verse 2:]

Yeah! - Niggas send me the wrong message we gon' fucking kill the messenger

Your whole clique! - Hollowtips'll tear up the best of ya!

This ain't the "Carter" nigga THIS IS SPARTA!


Let off a clip or let a case off

I have your pussy ass runnin' like a race horse!

Follow orders now! - Yay' shoot his "Face Off"

You can have one blast one it's mad fun!

See how when you listen to me all of the cash gone

I was born with the Tec! - It's a birth defect!

I was concieved in the bins ended up in a Benz

This is what happens when have nots turn into sasquatch!

Let the gat pop boogie down on the back blocks

It's horrific! - Nah it's terrific!

I got it if you sniff it go head nigga twist it

Get lifted!

Goddamn I'm gifted!

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[Repeat Chorus:]


[Verse 3:]

Yeah! - I tell 'em ride on 'em! - Then they ride on 'em!

Get the line on 'em and squeeze the .9 on 'em!

Head shot .40-Glock blow his mind on him

They say ain't not a jooks leave the shines on 'em;

Now you can watch me! - Nigga like the police watch me!

I move proper! - Go ahead catch a shell tryna stop me!

That 4-30 Spider carbon fibre

And my dog is like al qaeda natural fighter!

Rapid fire you're sweet like apple cider

The Mack'll fire mask like Michael Myers!

It's off the wire! - When I get on my bullshit

No smiles no laughs you gets no pass!

You can explain to my niggas while they whoop yo' ass

My hands itch when the money comes it's hard to explain it!

Last time I itched like this a truckload came in

Get money get bread that's what I do kid!


[Repeat Chorus:]


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