Deadmau5 Announces Title, Reveals Cover Art for Seventh Album

Deadmau5 revealed the official title and release date for his upcoming seventh studio album. Deadmau5 Announces Title, Reveals Cover Art for Seventh Album

Although it appeared Deadmau5 has been working on a new album, the Canadian producer has provided very little information about it until now. revealed that Deadmau5 announced the album title and release date on May 9. Specifically, his seventh studio album will be called While(1<2), apparently a programming code for an endless loop, and will come out on June 17.

Previously, the producer born Joel Zimmerman described this release as a “true” album, as opposed to a collection of tracks not released as singles. He once tweeted: “its just that its the first album ive ever done that i would even call an album... it's put together like an album. not a compilation.”

Then, later confirming it’s official, he wrote: “did the obligatory album / press shots at a shoot today... one step closer. :D”

While(1<2) follows 2012’s Album Title Goes Here, his sixth studio album overall and fourth mainstream release. The album came out through Ultra Records and reached No. 6 on the Billboard 200 – something unheard of for a dance music producer even just a few years ago.

According to statements, he attempted do go back to his roots, or the sound of 2005’s Get Scraped. The release resulted in such popular singles as “The Veldt” and “Professional Griefers,” which features Gerard Way, formerly of My Chemical Romance.

Written on May 12 2014 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: deadmau5 while (1<2)


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