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"Dance Tonight" Video Review

The most obviously interesting thing about the Michel Gondry-directed video for Paul McCartney’s new single “Dance Tonight” is that it stars A-list sprite Natalie Portman as a gleeful, mischievous phantom delivered to Sir Paul’s country house in a box containing a mandolin. Portman’s mercurial I’m-there-but-also-not quality makes a song that at first seems to be a relatively simple ode to joy (“everybody’s gonna dance tonight, everybody’s gonna feel alright tonight”) seem darker and more desperate, like it’s about wanting to join a party one can’t quite get to. Check it out. It’s weird. In a good way.

-- Elizabeth Goodman



Strawberry Rhapsody 5277p 4 years ago

paul has a much better voice than JB, whos with me?



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Paul Mccartney - Dance Tonight