D12 May Be Recording a New Album

Based on a ‘Detroit Free Press’ article, Eminem’s group D12 may be recording new material. D12 May Be Recording a New Album

D12 looked to be one of Eminem’s side projects that came and went, but based on a recent piece in the Detroit Free Press about Ferndale recording studios, the hip-hop group known for “My Band” and “Purple Pills” may be putting together a new release.

The article focused on multiple studios where Eminem has recorded in the Detroit area over the years: Effigy, 54 Sound, and F.B.T., the latter operated by producer Mark Bass. Bass spoke about artists recently recording in the space and dropped D12’s name, mentioning he has been mixing new music for the hip-hop group – including three tracks with Eminem.

While Bass previously recorded with D12, he didn’t have much to say beyond that passing statement.

D12 last released D12 World in 2004. Their sophomore album followed 2001’s Devil’s Night. Since their last release, member Proof was killed while Bizzare and Mr. Porter left in 2012.

Rumors of a third full-length album have circulated since August 2012, when member Kuniva said the group had been in the studio at the time.

While the group hasn’t put out a proper release in nearly a decade, mix tapes have surfaced over that time. Return of the Dozen dropped in 2008, and Return of the Dozen, Vol. 2 followed in 2011.

Written on Jan 25 2014 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: d12 and eminem


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