Creed Working on New Album

Not putting out a release since 2009’s ‘Full Circle,’ Creed are putting together new material for an album. Creed Working on New Album


Although they’re considered one of the most reviled rock bands, Creed has plans for the near future, which include a brief tour and a new album. In speaking with Rolling Stone, the band revealed they’re starting a one-month tour on April 13 in Chicago and are writing more material.


For the tour, Creed is performing their first two albums (My Own Prison and Human Clay) from start to finish. For a new release, Creed has started writing and playing new songs, and while they haven’t entered the studio, five tracks are ready – and may even be played on tour. About this, frontman Scott Stapp said: "We spent about three to four weeks together jamming and writing new material. We feel five [new songs] have the symmetry and continuity within themselves and will make the record. So if you want to look at it from that perspective, we’re halfway there."


The new release would be their first since 2009’s Full Circle. Before that point, Creed disbanded in 2004, and over that time, Stapp recorded a solo album, and the rest of the group put out two releases as Alter Bridge. About the album on which they’re currently working, Stapp told Rolling Stone: “We’re gonna continue to write until we feel we have the strongest, best album we’ve ever done. That’s our goal. If it takes all year to do that and the album doesn’t come out until next year, then so be it."


Because fans may end up hearing new material, what should they expect? Considering the tracks radio-ready, Stapp described them: "There's one heavier, high-energy type of tune. And there's kind of a moodier, slower, longer finger-picked song, like 'Faceless Man.' It's kind of all over the place, but we're very happy with what we've got so far."


At the moment, Creed has no timeline for recording. However, as Stapp told Rolling Stone, they may enter the recording studio in March and aim for a summer release.

Written on Mar 01 2012 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: creed


Calum Canavan 19p 3 years ago

First of all, Creed didn't bring out an album in 2003. Second of all Full Circle came out in 2009.


Will Wesley 15p 3 years ago

yes... and Full Circle's album where is it?


Jason Welle 15p 3 years ago

EXACTLY!!!! Granted, Full Circle was somewhat of a departure from typical CREED, but it was still a solid album!


Melissa Greenwood Enyeart 10p 3 years ago

thats what I was going to say!!! LOL


Felipe Lima 15p 3 years ago

And Full Circle's album, from 2009?


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