Creed's Scott Stapp Says T.I. Saved His Life

The lead singer believes that God intervened and sent a friend to save his life.. Creed's Scott Stapp Says T.I. Saved His Life

We never know how we are going to impact someone else’s life and, while it is impossible to be perfect, we should always strive to do our very best for ourselves and the people around us.  It can save a life and Creed’s Scott Stapp isn’t shy about sharing his own story.

In his new memoir, the lead singer recounts a dismal chapter in his life from back in 2006.  Depressed, Stapp was drinking and using drugs to cope and on one fateful night at Miami Beach’s Delano Hotel, it almost killed him. 

For whatever reason, he believed he was being chased and fell from his balcony on the 16th floor.  Fortunately, he did not plummet all the way down to the sidewalk which would have meant certain death.  Instead, he tumbled onto the concrete ridge next to the 15th floor balcony and, after breaking his nose, arm and hip, lay there in excruciating pain. No one knew where he was and no one responded to his cries for help.

What happened next is nothing short of a miracle.  He heard the balcony door open in what had previously been an unoccupied room.  With the blood from his face pooling down to the balcony below, Stapp raised his head over the ledge and spotted T.I. That’s crazy enough but how weird is it that they actually knew each other from working on the Passion of the Christ: Songs music two years earlier.

According to Stapp, the Atlanta-based rapper said: "Scott Stapp? Man, you messed up."

Relieved, the Creed singer was astonished and later said: "What were the chances that T.I. — the great rapper … would walk in off the street, check in to the last available room, and arrive just in time to save my life?"

T.I. also handled the situation in a way that allowed Stapp to retain some of his dignity. He called an ambulance and then, instead of identifying Stapp, which surely would have turned it into a media circus, pretended he didn’t know his name.

He had a lot on his side that night.  Not only did the emergency medical team work together to conceal his identity but doctors at the hospital expressed their amazement that he’d survived the fall at all.

When Stapp reached the hospital, doctors were shocked that he survived the fall. 

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