Could Celine Dion or Mary J. Blige Be the Next American Idol Judge?

These two very talented women have had a lot of experience in the music industry. Could Celine Dion or Mary J. Blige Be the Next American Idol Judge?

The shakeups on American Idol have only just begun with the departures of both Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, who announced their exits a day apart last week.  Now, the focus has shifted to finding the right people to fill those seats on the judges’ panel. 

There has already been speculation about Mariah Carey and Adam Lambert joining the team so why not add some more names to the mix?

This time, the rumors are that Canadian singer, Celine Dion, and Mary J. Blige are being considered for the reality singing competition.

There is no denying the star power and experience that these women bring to the table but are they the right choice considering the fact that advertisers must take into account the show’s dying audience.  "They need judges who will resonate with young people," said media analyst Brad Adgate. Are Dion and Blige “fresh” enough to attract viewers in that key demographic?  It is hard to know but it really is something that they must consider.  Last season, for the first time ever, the median age of an American Idol viewer was over 50. The producers need to find a way of changing that.

Along with Tyler and Lopez, many are speculating that Randy Jackson is also on his way out which would allow the producers to create a whole new panel which could be a good or a bad thing.  This makeover is crucial since last season’s finale was the least viewed in the show’s history.

Now that Simon Cowell has added Demi Lovato, 19, and Britney Spears, 30, to his X Factor lineup, the best way for Idol to compete would be to have someone like Miley Cyrus, 19, and 30-year-old Lambert join the team.  

Written on Jul 15 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: celine dion mary j. blige


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