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We offer various types of artists promotions. Payments can be made via Paypal and your news / video can be up and running in a maximum of one day. Here are the options:

  • - Hosted video: $50, includes a description and promotion via our social channels and even the homepage
  • - Hosted news: $30, we'll write a special promotional article or we can feature your own. Included is promotion on our social channels and also on the homepage.
  • - Do you have something else in mind? Want to purchase both the packages? Email us!

SEND US YOUR FEEDBACK: Do you have a advertising inquiry, question, comment, suggestion or news tip to pass along to KOvideo? If you have a question or comment, please select the apropiate subject. If you have information, tips or news, please select Tips.

ABOUT US: To learn more about KOvideo, including information about our background or the work that we do.

MAKE CONTACT You can contact us by using the following form or by emailing us directly at altough we strongly recommend using the form below. We'll do our best to answer any inquiry within a maximum of 48 hours if your inquiry requires our assistance. Thank you for your feedback!

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