Common Puts Out New Song 'War' From Upcoming Album 'Nobody Smiling'

The Chicago-born rapper latest musical offering revolves around violence on the streets. Common Puts Out New Song 'War' From Upcoming Album 'Nobody Smiling'

Rapper Common recently announced that his next studio album will be "Nobody Smiling," and he has swiftly followed it up with the release of his first song from the upcoming collection.

In the newly released track -- whose name is "War" -- the 41-year-old MC talks about the problems of a common man on the streets of Chicago, from where he hails.

The intro goes something like that: "Lil Mark get shot, Lil Reese and them/ Little niggas, it's hard to find peace in them/ Chiraq, they say it's Middle Easterin'/ Put your flames in the air for the deceased to them/ Young soldiers who never got to become older/ Dogtagged in the body bag/ Police kept the knot he had/ Plus he had weed in his system."

In another one, he spits: "There's a war going on inside, no man is safe froAnnotatem, goin on/ Going on, there's a war going on inside, no man is safe from/ Or can escape from, take one wars from the same place that hate from/ Gang wars used to be about the nations/ Now it's cliques with clips and hittas is missing/ They hit the innocent now they families miss him."

Common plans on using "Nobody Smiling" to oppose violence and war, and wishes that his music would make the people in power take notice.

Explaining the album's theme, he said: "The direction was we, we came up with this concept, 'Nobody Smiling' was really a thought that came about because of all the violence that was going on in Chicago, or that is going on. I like to say 'was' cause we gon' bring it in for wishing that it's gonna stop. You know and uh, all the violence that was going on - it happens in Chicago but it's happening around the world in many ways." 

"You know, it may not be to the numbers that's happening in Chicago but it's happening in the inner cities all over America so we're talking about the conditions of what's happening when I said 'Nobody Smiling' but it's really a call to action

Listen to Common's "War" down below.

Written on Jan 07 2014 by Zohaib Ahmed (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: common


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