Colton Dixon Reveals Original "Arena Rock" Song

Written just a month ago, a new song from Colton Dixon debuted during the recent American Idols Live! 2012 tour. Colton Dixon Reveals Original "Arena Rock" Song

Does Colton Dixon, the seventh-place finisher of the last season of American Idol, have what it takes to be the next Daughtry? While evaluating that in the present may be too soon, Dixon shows he has potential for performing and songwriting, with a track written just a month ago being added to the current American Idols Live! 2012 tour.

In a recent interview, Dixon revealed he wrote the track, called “Never Gone,” in mid June while he was working with Adam Watts, one of the artists lined up to work with him by 19 Entertainment. Speaking about the track with, Dixon said: "I have no idea how this opportunity presented itself, but I'm not complaining and I'm gonna run with it. It's perfect for arena rock, which is why we threw it out there. Hopefully I'll have the audience singing along with me by the last chorus every night."

Adding to that, he said: "We were quite frustrated...and without telling each other we both just kind of prayed about that writing session and that God would use whatever we had left to put towards a song. We came back and one of the other guys in the group had the idea for this melody and we ran with it and it became 'Never Gone.' As soon as I walked out of the studio I knew I had something, and I played it for 19 and they loved it and everything made sense to do it on the tour."

“Never Gone” bridges religious and universal themes and is not expected to be his only single. Dixon has been working on new tracks with Jason Wade of Lifehouse, former Evanescence keyboardist David Hodges, and Shinedown collaborator David Bassett. During the Idols Live! tour, Dixon may even collaborate with 2012 winner Phillip Phillips.

If you haven’t caught any of Dixon’s recent performances on tour, watch him do “Never Gone” below:

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