Coldplay Release Surprise New Single “Midnight”

Coldplay surprised fans on Tuesday by dropping new single “Midnight” without warning. Coldplay Release Surprise New Single “Midnight”

Not much is known about Coldplay’s next album, a follow-up to Mylo Xyloto. Rumors have circulated, but the band hasn’t confirmed anything. But instead, Coldplay appeared to take a page from Beyonce’s successful album strategy, and on Tuesday, they put out a new single without any press or announcement.

The track, titled “Midnight,” starkly departs from Mylo Xyloto. Fans who didn’t go for the thicker textured, electronic-influenced songs that leaned more in a commercial direction might appreciate the minimalist approach on “Midnight.” While still electronic, the song has an overall airy, stripped-down feel, with Martin’s vocals sounding restrained and light.

The track may or may not be from their still-untitled seventh studio album. A French-Canadian report claims this release should drop in either May or June, and if this is the case, timing “Midnight” as the first single makes sense. If not, “Midnight” might simply be a one-off track indicating a change of direction.

As well, the new release is rumored to sound like 2002 album A Rush of Blood to the Head.

Even for all of its divisiveness a few years ago, Mylo Xyloto did well on the charts. The release went to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 for its first week, pulling 447,000 copies in the process, and went onto earn platinum status in multiple countries.

If you haven’t heard “Midnight,” hear it here:

Written on Feb 27 2014 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: coldplay


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