Chris Brown told to Stop Discussing Rihanna in Rehab

Breezy has been gagged from talking about RiRi, whose influence has been deemed negative by his therapists. Chris Brown told to Stop Discussing Rihanna in Rehab

Chris Brown has been advised by his anger management therapists not to think or talk about his past love Rihanna during his rehab stint.

The 24-year-old R&B superstar last month decided to seek professional help for his anger issues that have led him into a number of bouts with the law in the past few years. The most high-profile of the controversies he has faced was his 2009 assault on RiRi, an incident that has come back to haunt him many a times since then. Therefore, he has been told to cut the Bajan Babe out of her thinking mechanism, as when he discusses her, negativity spews out of his system.

Mind you, there is nothing wrong with Rihanna, and Breezy's helpers aren't blaming her for anything. But they are of the opinion that her influence on his mind triggers a cycle of negative antics, which is why it's best that the "Don't Judge Me" crooner forgets her awhile.

A source with inside knowledge on the subject told "[Chris] doesn’t think or even talk about Rihanna because she’s one of the the negatives in his life. She as a person, is not negative, but the events and situations that happened when they were together were extremely negative and stressful on Chris. He talks about that in therapy, but when the sessions are over, they tell him not to discuss or even think about her.

"It’s too painful and he already paid his price for what he did but everyone only seems to focus on that and it’s killing him softly. So he’s been told by professionals to erase those negative thoughts and situations he had with her from his mind."

Meanwhile, Rihanna has purportedly hooked up with Drake, who is Brown's biggest enemy in the music industry and with whom he had a great, big fight in a nightclub last year. CB doesn't know of this latest development due to unavailability of internet in his rehab facility.

"He's in rehab and he does not have access to the internet, so I highly doubt he knows of any of this," the insider added. "It may be for the best, since he’s trying hard to not think about her at all!"

Written on Nov 13 2013 by Zohaib Ahmed (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: chris brown rihanna drake


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