Chris Brown Talks ‘Fortune’ Album

In a recent interview, Chris Brown discussed upcoming album ‘Fortune,’ due July 2. Chris Brown Talks ‘Fortune’ Album

The follow-up to last year’s F.A.M.E., Fortune is Chris Brown’s latest endeavor. In a recent interview, the “Turn Up The Music” singer revealed that he’s getting back to his original R&B sound on Fortune. As Brown has been trying to keep up his fan base, and did so with F.A.M.E. and its supporting tour, Fortune is essentially a return to the sound that made the singer-rapper popular in the first place.

In addressing the sounds fans should expect, Brown said: "Well for me it was important for me to go back to the bases of what people love me for – and that was my R&B. You know, that was the kind of 'crooner' records.

"On this album you get to see the different textures within Chris Brown, but all in all you get the R&B guy again."

But, considering the sound of “Turn Up The Music,” will Fortune have some dance element to it? Producer David Banner mentioned Brown is creating R&B for the dance floor.

On the same note, more of a romantic vibe is expected to pervade Fortune’s tracks. About this, Brown explained: You get the love songs, the more intimate songs. Being 23 now I get a chance to be a more mature and adult but at the same time still cater to my younger audience.”

Aside from reverting back to a favored, romantic, Fortune could be a defining endeavor for Brown. In his interview, he explained he wants to show he’s more than a dancer who sings. Unfortunately, being caught lip syncing at the Billboard Music Awards certainly does not help his case. Nevertheless, calling out critics during his interview, he said: "That's what the avenue was and to really tap on my R&B and get the singing out. Everyone was like 'he's just a dancer', nah, I'm a singer."

Written on Jun 19 2012 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: chris brown fortune


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