Chris Brown Lands in Washington Ahead Of Assault Trial

Breezy and his bodyguard are the primary suspects in an alleged homophobic beatdown. Chris Brown Lands in Washington Ahead Of Assault Trial

R&B superstar Chris Brown has landed in Washington DC ahead of the trial in which he and a member of his entourage have been accused of beating a man last October.

The news of his arrival in the American capital was confirmed by a Marshal spokesperson, who further revealed that the singer is currently at a prison where he will remain and wait until court proceedings begin later this month.

The "Don't Judge Me" hitmaker – who has been in trouble with the law on multiple occasions in the past – tried to free himself of this latest controversy on Monday through the way of technicalities. He claimed through his attorney that the prosecutors used the grand jury to freeze the testimony of the plaintiff. However, Judge Patricia Wynn dismissed Team Brown's argument and ruled: "I am persuaded that there was no abuse."

In the same court session in which the aforementioned judge rejected Brown's request, she also directed the prosecutor not to try both him and his fellow-accused Christopher Hollosy together.

What will happen now is that Brown will remain in police custody and wait until his bodyguard is done with his trial, which could be several weeks from now.

This latest controversy emerged on October 27, 2013 when Brown was posing for pictures with a few female fans and the victim tried to jump in as well. After allegedly blurting some homophobic slurs, Brown and Hollosy are believed to have hit the victim, who suffered a broken nose in the assault.

Written on Apr 08 2014 by Zohaib Ahmed (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: chris brown


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