Chris Brown Dresses Up Like Taliban Militant at Rihanna's Halloween Party

Forget the regular Dracula or zombie getups; Breezy thinks terrorists are scariest of them all. Chris Brown Dresses Up Like Taliban Militant at Rihanna's Halloween Party

Chris Brown has once again stirred up controversy that could cause more damage to his already tainted image. This time, the R&B superstar's selection of dressing is why he is in the news for the wrong reasons.

Apparently, the "Look at Me Now" hitmaker dressed up as a gun toting Taliban militant at a Halloween party thrown by his on-again girlfriend Rihanna. His and his friends' attire included long robes, loose pyjama-like bottoms, Arabian turbans, bullet belts, long beards and most important of them all, guns and pistols.

Before leaving for RiRi's party, Breezy and his homies posed for a picture that shows him standing in the middle of the group as the gang leader. He then tweeted the instagram link to that pic along with the message: "Ain't nobody Fu**ing wit my clique!!!!#ohb"

As expected, it triggered a series of anti-Brown responses on the internet, with some people claiming that he was insensitive towards the feelings of 9/11 victims/survivors. His mom Joyce Hawkins then intervened to calm things down. She tweeted: "Halloween is for fun nothing more than just fun. Get a life please."

This isn't the first time that Breezy's taste in humor and style has raised a few eyebrows. A few weeks ago, he had tattooed the face of a beaten up woman on his neck which according to some, looks a lot like Rihanna, who was infamously assaulted by Brown in 2010.

Written on Nov 02 2012 by Zohaib Ahmed (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: chris brown


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