Cheryl Cole Performs 'Call My Name' On The Graham Norton Show

English Talk Show Host Graham Norton Brings Out The Best Of Cheryl Cole, Katy Perry And Ross Noble Cheryl Cole Performs 'Call My Name' On The Graham Norton Show

Cheryl Cole performed Call My Name on The Graham Norton Show with a spectacular choreographic routine that stunned the audience. Dressed in a white with dark pattern houndstooth ensemble that body-hugged her super-fit figure, Cheryl danced and sang the lead single from her recently released studio album A Million Lights.

"Call My Name" is the characteristic dance track, catchy to the hilt, yet better than the rest when compared to other music coming out of our radios. Unlike many talk show performances, where the singer gets up in front of the studio audience and sings into the stage mic, Cheryl presented a dazzling performance, complete with a brilliant light show, and amazing male dancers who timed their movements to the microsecond.  Often during the performance, cheers came from the audience. Visually, it was spectacular!

Other guests with Cheryl Cole on The Graham Norton Show last night, were Katy Perry and comedian Ross Noble. It was so good to see the camaraderie that existed between the three stars. The comments made to other were always nothing short of complimentary. The smiles on their faces looked obviously genuine as the happiness glowed from behind their eyes. 

Graham Norton highlighted an interesting point that Katy Perry has broken box office records set by numerous pop stars over the years. In congratulating her, Graham Norton stated, "... you are a one woman hit factor. You've broken records set by ..." to which Katy gracefully said, "Thankyou."  He then went on to talk about her upcoming 3D movie, Part Of Me, all about Katy Perry. Her comments about the movie too, were spoken gracefully.

Comedian, Ross Noble, showed off his humorous talents with quick jibes throughout the evening. He's great!  

The evening finished off with the dazzling performance by Cheryl Cole.

Cheryl Cole - "Call My Name" on The Graham Norton Show

Written on Jun 16 2012 by Mike Petryczkowycz (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: cheryl cole call my name katy perry


dug wood 20p 2 years ago

she can dance and has a great body, but sing she cant do, she doesnt even mime very well, like sand paper on a peice of wood, making a mockery of other artists like leona lewis who is a great singer . it must be great jiggle about with next to nothing on and make millions, r well i'll just keeep going to work and earn my £28000 a year. or maybe i could get a pay rise for turning up in the next to nothing, more like get the sack and thrown into the clink.
Hope leona's album comes out soon so i can listen to a real singer.


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