Cheryl Cole Announces Fourth Studio Album, New Single “Crazy Stupid Love”

In a recent interview, Cheryl Cole spoke about putting out a new album and single later this year. Cheryl Cole Announces Fourth Studio Album, New Single “Crazy Stupid Love”

Cheryl Cole has had a very successful solo career, and while 2013 was all about the Girls Aloud reunion, she’s coming back into the spotlight on her own again with a new album.

Cole spoke with Hello! Magazine about her upcoming plans for the rest of 2014. In the process, she revealed new music that fans should expect soon: "I have the single ‘Crazy Stupid Love,’ so I have to make the video for that, which involves choreography, casting the dancers, rehearsals, approving the idea, then fittings for costumes and hair and make-up, then the filming. The perfume launch in August and the album launch in November. I'm so busy at the moment, I'm just taking things one day at a time."

This new release follows 2012’s A Million Lights.

While Cole’s presence at Cannes has sparked rumors of more acting career plans, especially as she had a cameo in What to Expect When You’re Expecting, the singer appears to be more focused on her music.

A Million Lights debuted at No. 2 on the U.K. Album Chart and has since gone gold. For those unaware, the album was supposed to be Cole’s introduction to the U.S. market, especially after two successful solo releases in the U.K. Although manager supposedly had collaborations from Justin Bieber to David Guetta all planned out at the time, the tracks didn’t make the final cut, and Cole still has yet to put out her official U.S. debut.

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