Cherie Currie Making a (Sort of) Comeback With Live Performances, New Single

A recent interview reveals The Runaways' Cherie Currie is looking to make a musical comeback. Cherie Currie Making a (Sort of) Comeback With Live Performances, New Single

The film starring Kristin Stewart and Dakota Fanning a few years ago drew attention to ‘70s girl punk group The Runaways and sort of carved out a path for frontwoman Cherie Currie to revive her career.

Currie, who had an album created for a 2011 release, appears to be doing just that. An interview with the SF Examiner reveals troubles with her management that resulted in the 2011 release being shelved. Should the album ever see the light of day, it comes with an impressive string of collaborations: Matt Sorum and Slash of Guns N’ Roses fame, Juliette Lewis, and Billy Corgan.

Regarding the issues with her now-former manager, Currie explained: "He said, 'Nope, you can't play, it's not time.’ One summer went by, and then another, and another was coming up, and I said, 'Kenny, you can't let me sit here. The band's been waiting for two years!' I was trying to tell him that I'm not 20 years old anymore — one year is like five when you hit 50."

Now on her own, the singer still doesn’t know if her album will ever get released, but to get herself out there, she recently put out new single “Mr. X.” The track has since emerged in her recent series of tour dates.

Performing appears to be Currie’s current intention to stage a comeback. She described her plan, saying: "I'm going to play, play, play, like I wanted to from the beginning. I'm going to give the fans what they want and deserve without management and without a record company. Lita Ford said to me the other day, 'Sister, you're not dead yet!' And she's right. It's time to put faith in the only things I can count on. Myself and the fans. That's really all that matters."

Since The Runaways ended and Joan Jett embarked on a solo career, Currie put out a few of her own albums, with the last being Messin’ With the Boys, created with her sister Marie and released in 1980.

Written on Nov 04 2013 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: cherie and marie currie the runaways


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