Cher’s Latest Single “Women’s World” Released

Available only in streaming form now, Cher’s latest single “Women’s World” was released right before Thanksgiving. Cher’s Latest Single “Women’s World” Released

This past week, Cher gave fans an early Thanksgiving gift – an official release of “Women’s World.” For those following the development of Cher’s latest album, her first in over a decade, “Women’s World” was leaked last month, and it hit the internet again last week. Regarding the leak and subsequent early release, the singer tweeted: "We thought we had time but ('Woman's World') started popping all over the world!"

Much like “Believe,” her hit in the early aughts, “Women’s World” is another track apt for the dance floor. But, in today’s pop climate of EDM-influenced tracks, with synth melodies and hard, four-to-the-floor beats, will “Women’s World” climb to the top? Listen to the track below and decide:

Aside from this first single, Cher’s upcoming release is said to be similar to her last, Living Proof. Although “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me,” the 2011 song from film Burlesque, filled in the 10-year gap, the upcoming release, according to the singer, is: "Eclectic! Lots of dance, but none (are the) same kind of dance! Have big a-- choruses, some heart rippers!"

Currently, “Women’s World” and Cher’s upcoming album do not have official release dates. Contributions from Pink and Lady Gaga made the cut, including track “The Greatest Thing.” The collaboration between Cher and the Mother Monster was originally scheduled for release last year.

Written on Nov 25 2012 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: cher women's world


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