Cher Lloyd Spills Details About New Album

Now working on her sophomore release, Cher Lloyd talks inspiration, collaborations, and what she has planned for her second album. Cher Lloyd Spills Details About New Album

The United States has just been getting used to Cher Lloyd, the U.K. X Factor contestant who saw her profile rise with song “Want U Back” on this side of the pond. Part of keeping that momentum is doing multiple collaborations, she recently revealed in an interview with HuffPost Teen, including with Ne-Yo and Demi Lovato.

Considering the Disney star an artist she respects, Lloyd raps on “Really Don’t Care,” a track on Lovato’s latest, Demi. Lloyd has a release of her own in the works, a follow-up to debut Sticks + Stones. While, she explained, first albums are often for experimentation, she feels surer of herself this time around: But I feel like the second album, to me, is exactly what I wanted to do. If I wanted to curse or whatever, I could curse because I felt like it in the moment -- and it’s something that I can really be proud of. I’ve worked so hard, so hopefully, fingers crossed, this album will be the one that makes me.”

Although the “Swagger Jagger” singer expresses an interest in working with Nicki Minaj at some point, her own rapping started as a joke but then evolved into a factor that distinguished her from other X Factor contestants.

As far as inspiration is concerned, Lloyd reveals she has never felt an attachment to a particular star. Instead, she goes onto say: “I think to just watch your grandparents now and hear all the stories of what they’ve been through in their life and the struggles, and finding love and stuff like that, it just really inspires me.”

Written on May 19 2013 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: cher lloyd demi lovato ne-yo nicki minaj


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