Chaz Bono Discusses Mom Cher's Pressure to be Thin

After spending years feeling pressured to be thin, Chaz needs to deal with his weight. Chaz Bono Discusses Mom Cher's Pressure to be Thin

In most situations, it must be pretty tough to grow up in a famous family for a variety of reasons.  With Hollywood being so obsessed with dress sizes, though, that is one area that must be particularly challenging. 

Unfortunately, this is something that Chaz Bono knows all too well.  When he was younger, his mother Cher and father Sonny Bono, put a real emphasis on being slim.  In fact, Chaz claims that "there was a lot of pressure to be underweight.”  As a young woman (Chaz was born a female), he wasn’t overweight but was constantly put on a diet.  That must have been pretty confusing to a child.

Now, the former Dancing with the Stars contestant is genuinely struggling with his weight.  The 43-year-old is hoping that making a public attempt to lose weight will give him the extra motivation to actually be successful this time.

Chaz is overcoming more than eating issues.  He is dealing with the fact that in his family, being slim was “prized above all else” so he really will have to work on changing his relationship with food.

He’s enlisted the help of The Doctors co-host, Dr. Travis Stork, and is hoping to lose 50lbs to 80lbs.  Best of luck to him!

Written on Nov 07 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: cher chaz bono weight loss


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