Charlotte Church Releases First U.S. Album in 10 Years

After an early career as an opera prodigy and later branching out into pop, Charlotte Church is back with her first U.S. release in a decade. Charlotte Church Releases First U.S. Album in 10 Years

Known for being a classical music prodigy as a child, Charlotte Church branched off into pop music over the past decade. Now managing her own label and in full creative control of her sound and career, Church is releasing One & Two, her first U.S. album in 10 years.

One & Two, scheduled for March 12 on Alligator Wine, features tracks from the first two out of five EPs. In speaking with Billboard about her career and eventual decision to record again, she explained that, in 2006 after releasing five albums, she wanted to lead a normal life. At the time, that transformation involved leaving Sony Music, hosting her own show, getting involved in stage and film, and giving birth to two children. Regarding getting her career back on track, she said: "I love this new stuff I'm doing, and this feels more comfortable and more creative to me than anything I've done before. It started with me being completely disillusioned and thinking, 'Oh, Christ, I'm not gonna do this again,' even though I love singing and I will sing every day for the rest of my life.”

One & Two isn’t Church’s first “comeback” album. Back to Scratch, released in 2010 only in the U.K., was her first effort, but it ultimately resulted in her leaving label Power Amp Music to form her own.

Now with Alligator Wine, Church has total control and explained she “[went] wild” with the EPs: "At the start we just put down loads and loads of material and fine-tuned it all and messed about with loads of different productions styles...and EP 'One' came out of that. We thought EP 'Two' would come from the huge bulk of material we'd stored up, but that didn't happen -- lots of new songs came to the forefront, and it's just kept coming, which is amazing."

As of now, Church has no deadline for the project but expects the third EP to come out later in 2013. To support One & Two, she plans to perform in the U.S. and appear at South By Southwest.

Written on Feb 20 2013 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: charlotte church alligator wine one & two


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