Celebrities React to Final Presidential Debate

With the elections taking place less than two weeks from now, things are heating up. Celebrities React to Final Presidential Debate

Last night, the final showdown between President Barack Obama and his challenger, Mitt Romney, went down and it definitely yielded some great one-liners.  Most people can attest to how heated things have gotten since Facebook statuses seem to be filled with political commentary.

This is not any different among celebrities who tend to take to Twitter to express their opinions during the debates. While some kept it more general (Lindsay Lohan said she was nervous and Eva Longoria asked her followers to say a prayer for the troops), most of the tweets had a clear message. 

Here are some of the more memorable messages”

@richardmarx “I'll be on an airplane from Japan during tonight's debate but Fox News is on in the lounge here and said Romney won, so....”

@4everBrandy (Brandy Norwood) “@LondonRainz: Did he just say "Wildest Dreams" on the debate!!?!? @4everBrandy #twoeleveneverywhere lol” that's funny”

@cher “Men who r trying 2 Teach M.R about Foreign Policy say “He’s really not that interested..We’re not even sure if he reads our Briefings?”


@joshgroban “Been recording, have we started WW3 yet? #debate”

@TheFray “Mr. President: what is your policy on Abu Nazir? #homeland #debate”

@questlove “You know how hard it is to use restraint from tweeting the presidential #Debate2012?”

@iamwill “Moderator: Romney how are you going to pay for bigger military???? Romney: ahhhhh ummm go visit my”

@johnrich “That debate was like a cardboard sandwich washed down with a tall glass of sand. That's MY quote of the night. Yuck.”

The elections will take place less than two weeks from now and, surely, we haven’t heard the last (or the worst) from either campaign.  It’s getting down to the wire!

Written on Oct 23 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: william barack obama mitt romney 2012 elections


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