Cee Lo Green And Christina Aguilera Collaboration

'The Voice' Judge Is Putting Together A New Solo Album With A Little Help From A Gnarls Barkley Member Cee Lo Green And Christina Aguilera Collaboration

Cee Lo Green has just officially stated that he and 'The Voice' judge, Christina Aguilera, will definitely be collaborating on a duet for Christina's next studio album. 

Christina has completed her recording part, now it's the Gnarls Barkley member's turn. Even though Cee Lo has made public statements about the project, he is very tight lipped about any further details. Cee Lo said, "It's a song for her album."  He further added  that the former Disney star has recorded her part. Now he has to add his sections, saying, "I just gotta get in there and... Splash.

Cee Lo wouldn't say anything further other than it's a song for her upcoming album. He wouldn't even give a clue about the title of the song, fearing that saying a name might be seen as "leaking classified information".  What is known, though, is that this is the second song that they have collaborated on. 

Last year, their first collaboration was leaked on the Internet. The duet was titled, "Nasty", and was originally destined for the Burlesque soundtrack. However it didn't make it.

When Christina was asked about any details on the new solo album, she stated that the project began just as she commenced work as a judge on The Voice USA. She originally thought that judging on the show would just be a bit of a "side project", but it has snowballed into a huge undertaking, consuming her fulltime attention. Hence, the new album is coming, but no-one knows when.

Collaboration has always been very popular. Just last year, Christina featured on the hit single by Maroon5 "Moves Like Jagger". Various critics have speculated that it was the input of Christina Aguilera that drew the public's attention to the song, ultimately sending the track to the top of the charts.

Will it happen again?

Cee-Lo Green ft. Christina Aguilera - "Nasty"

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