Carrie Underwood Discusses Holidays, Hockey and Husband

The country superstar tried to plan her schedule to coincide with the hockey season. Carrie Underwood Discusses Holidays, Hockey and Husband

Carrie Underwood married NHL hockey player, Mike Fisher, and, while they are content in their marriage, their individual busy schedules have always been a bit of an obstacle.  As a result, the country star has tried to arrange her touring times to coincide with the hockey season but, with the lockout currently underway, she’s out traveling while her husband is at home waiting to find out when/if he will get to play this year.

The singer explained in a recent interview that she gets really annoyed with how things turned out for them this year, especially when she’s had a super hectic day and she calls him and discovers that his day consisted of working out and playing golf.

Some guys have decided to play in the European league during the lockout but, as she explains, Fisher is “kind of an older player. He’s not an old buy, but he’s 31.  So, in hockey years, that’s like 50-something.” 

Underwood also revealed how she spent her Thanksgiving holidays.  She happened to have a show in Tulsa last week so she was able to be with her family in Oklahoma but she also celebrated with friends in Nashville who don’t have friends in the area.

She’s already trying to come up with a strategy for Christmas but her husband has made it clear that she shouldn’t bother trying to shop for a present for him.

After all, what do you get for each other when you already have everything?

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