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"Can't Shake You" Video Review

Gloriana unveiled the video for “Can’t Shake You”, the sophomore single from the band’s second studio album “A Thousand Miles Left Behind”. The album debuted at No.2 on Billboard’s Top Country Album Chart upon its release on July 31.

“Can’t Shake You” was written by songwriter James T. Slater, who had the piano melody for over one year earlier but never found the matching lyrics. This changed when Slater met Gloriana’s Tom Gossin and songwriter Stephanie Bentley. The three of them just sat down together, talked about their past relationships and bad brake-ups and the lyrics just came out.

“I was set up to write with Tom and Stephanie Bentley, who wrote ‘Breathe.’ I hadn’t seen Stephanie in a long time.[…] We got to talking about my ex-girlfriend and how I still have her stuff at my house that she left over two years ago, ” Slater explained. ”With that music, we started writing this ‘Can’t shake you’. It was just magic. Then we went out to dinner at this Mexican joint, then two or three days later, we went to Stephanie’s home and did a demo of it with Stephanie singing and Tom singing. I thought it was really commercial.”


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