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Camouflage by Mac



Check this out

When you makin' love to the camoflauge assassin' (camoflauge)

You call it camoflauge love (ugh)


Take all night (just right)


(mac (peaches))




I enter your body just like i shot it

I feel yah hard

Bumpin' and pumpin' that lodi dodi

From the (uhhhh)

I can see that's what cha want it

Cherishing every moment like the last hope

And i don't cum fast until yah clutch me

Whisperin' (mac fuck me) in my ears

My up and downs got you sheddin' tears

Am i what you expected?

Ain't nothin' i corrected at times

I'm just amazed by the site of you naked

You gotta respect it and forgive me if i'm rough

And i enter tah spend a while

I've been on a role tryin' tah make a million with my rap style

I kiss yah lips and feel the fireworks as yah ride me

Listenin' to many rippleton come inside me (come inside me)

Ain't no secret im'a add it for your touch

Tellin' me yah love me so much but i ain't goin' for

Just menchin' in now that we fuckin' like some newly weds

Don't let this go to your head i'm camoflauge

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(chorus--mac (peaches))


Camoflauge love all night (give it to me)

Make me come on and ah (don't stop)

You bring the weed im'a bring the pereon (uhhh)


Camoflauge love all night (give it to me)

Make me come on and ah (don't stop)

Lock the doors and unplug the phones (uhhh)


Camoflauge love all night (give it to me)

Make me come on and ah (don't stop)

You bring the rubbers i'll put up the 100 bones (uhhh)


Camoflauge love all night (give it to me)

Make me come on and ah (don't stop)

Maybe it's your tone got me visualizing a song




Camofluage lover oh this fine muthafucka

A pussy add up to this sentual spot toucher

My pain crusher never the cum rusher

The only one to get up in me with no rubber

Slip in me like butter keepin' in form

All day all night it's 'bout that bad bitch storm

Anticipating his touch my shit stay sealed tight

He can feel my insides all night every night fuckin' right

Show your skills nigga put that thang on me

Please me or relieve me and let your body hang on me

Far from phony this niggas a tru representer

I'm claimin' what's mine that's my dick and my nigga

My soulja got me dressed up in them see-thru fatigues

And we goin' to war yes indeed

This what i need tah feel the way he makes me feel

Damn only if this nigga was real

I wish he was real




(mac (storm) talking after chorus)


(ahhhh haha)


In a song

That's just right there


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