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"C'mon" Video Review

Ke$ha premiered her latest music video “C’mon”, the second single to be released from her awesome album “Warrior”. The “C’mon” video was directed by Darren Craig, who said his only goal was to throw a great party and not necessarily a logical storyline.

"There's not a huge narrative story. It's about having fun, right? That's a lot of what Ke$ha is about, is fun, being uninhibited," he declared in an interview for MTV.

At the beginning of the clip, Ke$ha is seen working at the “Awful House”, where the boss yells at her for being late and slaps her on the bum. Director Craig explained the scene:

"She is from Nashville and she grew up working her ass off and really had to work hard to get where she is. So we wanted to show this idea of this small-Southern-town girl working in this Southern diner who was just really unhappy and how we could blast out of that lifestyle and into this other alternate dimension and really move more into Planet Ke$ha."


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Kesha - C'mon