Shooter Jennings - Busted In Baylor County Lyrics

Shooter Jennings Busted In Baylor County lyrics is the 5th song on the album "Put The O Back In Country" by Shooter Jennings. The "Busted In Baylor County" lyrics by Shooter Jennings are displayed below.
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Busted In Baylor County by Shooter Jennings

?come on boys let?s hit the road?

We left l.a. on sunday in lubbock by tuesday

That?s where we played our second show

Where nobody knew us so nobody noticed

The songs that the band didn?t know


We were eatin? up the white lines makin? good time

Diggin? the songs on the radio

And that party kept a movin? and you know what we were doin?

We were smokin? up that california gold yeah


Now everyone was glad 'the weight' played by the band

You know i never had that song ever let me down

And i didn?t notice i was speedin? but in the rear-view mirror blinkin?

Were them state trooper?s lights all spinnin? ?round


Well we rolled down the windows

So we didn?t think that he would notice

Something smellin? funny in that smoke cloud

And he asked ?what you boys a-hidin??? and we were all silent

?cause i think he heard us clear and loud

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And we were busted

Busted in baylor county

Busted busted in baylor county oh

?oh no my weed?


He spread us all along the highway

Cuffed us all and turned us away

And started pokin? round the truck for the cake

And we all stood there high as a kite and he found it alright

And don?t y?all make light of the number one dope dog in the state


That mutt found the joint in my pocket

That was buried and locked up in the back of the trailer

And the guitars and the piano seat

And off we went to jail all locked up in a cell

Charged with possession of that sweet leaf


And we were busted

Busted in baylor county

Busted busted in baylor county


Well i was still pretty buzzed when they called in the judge

Who greeted me with a smile and a warm handshake

And he said ?i?m so sorry? ?cause they couldn?t un-arrest us

But that was up to some other official magistrate


And he said ?don?t you worry son all the charges are gone

But i?ve got a few autographs for you to sign?

And they sprang us out right quick so we could get up on the stick

To wichita falls by show time to tell ?em


We were busted

Busted in baylor county

Busted busted in baylor county


Busted busted in baylor county

Busted busted in baylor county



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