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Brought Up That Way by Taylor Swift

Emily comes home from school

Grabs onto her daddy's hand

He says "Baby girl what's wrong with you?"

She says "Please don't make me go back there again"


She said "I wish there was some way

To make them stop it"

So he drives down to

That principles office and says


"I didn't bring her up

So they could cut her down

I didn't bring her here

So they could shut her out

I live my whole damn life

To see that little girl's smile

So why are tears pouring down that sweet face?

She wasn't brought up that way"


Emily's home late again

He sees that boy drive away

Oh but something's different this time

She doesn't have too much to say

She said "He tried but

There's just some things I won't do"

And through the tears

She said "I couldn't do that to you"

And he said

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Find more similar lyrics on "I didn't bring you up

So he could wear you down

Take that innocent heart

And turn it inside out

I live my whole damn life

To see my little girl's smile

So don't let nobody take that away

You weren't brought up that way"


The phone rings on a rainy night

Says "It's officer tate"

He said "Sir there's been an accident

You better come down here right away

A drunken driver missed an over pass

And Emily she's fading fast"


He says "God I didn't bring her up

To watch them lay her down

Nearly killed me today

They put her own momma in the ground

Only thing that kept me alive

Was that little girl's smile

So please don't take that away

It won't be easy taking her today

She wasn't brought up that way"


He stands over the hospital bed

Emily opens her eyes


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