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Baby Bash Body Moves Slow lyrics is the 6th song on the album "Bashtown" by Baby Bash. The "Body Moves Slow" lyrics by Baby Bash are displayed below.
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Body Moves Slow by Baby Bash


It must be some purple in the cup

Cause she movin' so slow (Slow slow)


[Repeat Chorus]


[Verse 2: Baby Bash (Baby Bash slowed down)]

I kept sippin' on Jemima sippin' on that molasses

See how big that ass is I'm higher than (Giraffe tits)

I'm-I'm just checkin' out my draft picks ass is mad shit

Can slow mo through (3D with no glasses)

Slower than a turtle a tortoise harder than rigor mortis (No)

Is there none before us I'm a Libra she a-she a Taurus


Grind it out baby feed me

Then can call your rear phone girl let's have a threeway

I'm-I'm into foreplay we can do it your way

Just grease your body down girl Oil Of Olay

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So Tell me how you pop that P win it like a lottery

In and out like a robbery

Baby-baby get on top of me


[Pre-Verse: Krizz Kaliko]

I like the way she move slow baby making me hot

Call me Usher she got me like "Oh my God!" (Kali baby)

I like the way you do that thang

Slow it down baby I ain't going nowhere


[Verse 3: Krizz Kaliko]

Too fast baby slow it (Slow it)

I need the T for it (For it)

You the baddest chick in here and everybody know it (Okay)

Let me see you move it like you got it stuck a new trick different the one I've been used to


Get you over the hotel balcony rip out the (??)


She movin' sluggish like a snail do

Bringin' out the beast in me I'm a mess up your hairdo

Pour me somethin' sur-pic when we finished don't desert me

I might want some more of your sippin' you're like a slurpee

Do it slow (Do it slow...)


[Repeat Chorus]


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