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Bloodshed by The Screaming Jets

To fill your mind up full of views

All you gotta do is watch the news.

Im a stranger so full of doubt and I just can't seem to work it out.

I don't try to get involved but I can't ignore

All the things Im told.

Grieving faces tell me the score it's a body

Count in another war.

All around is bloodshed and people just wanna be free.

Well we've got free misrepresentation.

Leave it all up to me.

Your just another boot leggin bomber boy

Trying to make me see but all I see is bloodshed. You never know who makes

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The rules

Lying deceiving and following fools Is this a plot without a clue.

Who's gonna give it up and whos

Gotta choose.

What in the world is their reason or cause

What's your excuse and the point of it all.

You say your answer is bigger than

My question.

A ballot box for my suggestion.

All around is bloodshed and people just wanna be free

Well we've got free misrepresentation

Leave it all up to me.

You're just another boot-leggin bomber boy. Trying to make me see but all


I see is bloodshed Runnin down runnin down yeah.

The system switched to overload and now it's Fading from my screen.

The system has a standard and now

Its going to extremes.

All around is bloodshed and people just

Wanna be free.

We've got free misrepresentation

Just leave everything up to me.

You're just a boot leggin bomber boy

Tryin to make me see but all I see is

Bloodshed in the name of peace.

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