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Elephant Man Blase lyrics is the 18th song on the album "Good 2 Go" by Elephant Man. The "Blase" lyrics by Elephant Man are displayed below.
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Blase by Elephant Man



Yep, everybody dance now




Chris, me and di dancehall crew a say, everybody a do di blas

People a practice night and day, fi do di blas

In Asylum on Monday, everybody a do di blas

Dance di blase unu fi dance di blas


We bran reel we no wear ray-ray,

We have a new dance we name blas Blazay, Blaziblay,

We have a new dance weh name blazay

Rock away, rock away, rock away when yu see yu enemy

Propeller propeller who nuh like wi go suck unu mama

Hand cart hand cart mek way when di dancer dem a pass

Shake dem off shake dem off

Shake dem off dem a work witchcraft

Elbow dem elbow dem dem nuh like yu and yu nuh like dem

We head gawn we head gawn dem dance yah mad from dem born

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[Verse 2]

As a next dance gawn one come back in

Why dem bad mind u true yu dancin

Nuff a dem nuh love it fi wen yu flossin

True yu laughin you and yu hand cart pass him

Wah di new dance name everybody askin

Blazi blazi blay kill off everyting

Listen mi king yu hafi do it pon timing

Mr. ching a dance caa music sweet him

On Mondays weh di real vibez a bring

Every dancer go deh fi go test dem new ting

John a blazay yu fi stop and watch him

Heel and toe yu elbow fi a swing

Yu fi mek it swing Bounty so wah tek di ring

Music a play love di vibe weh a bring

Who waan mash up di dancehall mek wi beat him

Every dancer ina di dance fi live lovin

Mek wi sing




[Verse 1]



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