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"Bittersweet Memories" Video Review

"Bittersweet Memories" is the latest single that's coming from the rockers Bullet for My Valentine. The song is featured on their 2010 album 'Fever,' following the UK lead single 'The Last Fight' and 'Your Betrayal' both of which have been huge hits on the radio.

Bullet for My Valentine have released the video for "Bittersweet Memories" just minutes ago, what do you think about it?



Cintia Santos 15p 3 years ago

Just bittersweet memories... There's nothing left to say...ur just a faded off memory in my past...>;)


Xilef Zinrodoc 35p 3 years ago

...Well, go head take your best shot, woman
I wanna leave you, it's easy to see
But guess what, honey, it's not that easy.........


joseph cooper 124p 3 years ago

you people are crazy wierd and freaky.I love that about people!



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