Billy Joel Admits to Using Heroin in the 70s

The legendary singer dipped into hard drugs once but didn't like the dark side it brought out of him. Billy Joel Admits to Using Heroin in the 70s

Billy Joel's battles with depression are known to everyone, but not many are aware that he delved into hard drugs too during the peak of his career.

Those dark periods of his personal life were revealed by the singer himself in a heart-to-heart with Howard Stern last week. In the interview, which has been published in the Rolling Stones magazine, the 64-year-old divulged how he dipped into heroin once but got scared by its incredible high.

"This was back in the late '70s I think," the legendary singer recalled. "We were in Amsterdam, and there was all this stuff going on, so I said, 'Let me see what this is like.' It got me so high, I didn't know how to deal with it. You just get way out, just go to another place, and you're into the blues. All you want to hear is the blues. You start drooling, and you get sick."

In the same interview, he also expressed his desire of forming a super band with Sting and others. "I liked being in a band. Someday we might put together a silly supergroup."

He was then asked about his daughter Alexa Ray Joel – who like him has carved a career in the music industry. About her, he said: "She's really good. Everyone thinks dad set it up... she did it on her own."

Written on May 04 2014 by Zohaib Ahmed (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: billy joel


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