Beyonce releases 'God Bless the USA'

Beyonce has released a charity single called 'God Bless the USA' to help aid the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Beyonce releases 'God Bless the USA'

Beyonce has released a charity single entitled 'God Bless the USA'.

The 'Single Ladies' singer premiered the track - which was created to help aid victims of the atrocious 9/11 terrorist attacks in America in 2001 - on Piers Morgan's CNN talk show in the US last night (05.05.11).

Piers took to his twitter account to drum up support for the 'Halo' star - who is married to rapper Jay-Z - before she went on his show.

He tweeted: "If you don't get teary at the end of @PiersTonight and the world premiere of Beyonce's God Bless the USA, you're probably not from here."

Proceeds from the song will be donated by Beyonce and songwriter Lee Greenwood to the New York Police & Fire Widows & Children's Benefit Fund - which distributes money to police and fire staff who have been killed in the line of duty - to help raise cash for the cause.

Beyonce said in a statement: "I cannot think about anything more appropriate to do to help these families. Almost 10 years later, it is still so painful for all Americans, especially those who lost loved ones."

The 29-year-old beauty's latest release comes shortly after she dropped the official version of her 'Run the World (Girls)' single last month, after it was leaked onto the internet.

And Beyonce recently did another good deed for her country when she re-recorded her 'Get Me Bodied' track and used it on an exercise video to help promote healthy eating in the US.

The song - which was released on the video last month - has been renamed 'Move Your Body' for the purposes of the project, which came about when the 'Beautiful Liar' singer was asked by US first lady Michelle Obama to help promote healthy eating in America.

And the former Destiny's Child star - who can always be seen looking in top shape in her videos - was more than happy to oblige.

She said: "It's all about the benefits of healthy eating and exercise and what we want to do is make it fun by doing something we all like to do and that's dance."

Written on May 06 2011 by Arthur Jay , lead writer at KOvideo. Tags: beyonc


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