Beyonce Collaboration With Producer Boots Drops Unexpectedly

Like her latest solo album, “Dreams,” a collaboration between Boots and Beyonce, dropped without an announcement this week. Beyonce Collaboration With Producer Boots Drops Unexpectedly

Will not announcing her releases become standard procedure for Beyonce? Based on her last album and recent collaboration, that looks to be the case.

Just as Beyonce came out in 2013 without any announcement or hint through social media, a collaboration between the “Partition” singer and producer Boots surfaced this week. “Dreams” is now on Boots’ Soundcloud page and can be heard here.

Signed to Roc Nation while maintaining a somewhat low profile, Boots explained to Vogue that their collaboration was fairly smooth and straightforward: "I love that the song has me and what I'm doing in my realm and her and what she's doing in hers, and it's so completely opposite but they work incredibly together. It's the greatest kind of cosign you could get, from someone who truly, truly believes in you. As gifted and as brilliant as she is, and she is, to be able to believe in me in that regard is a really special thing."

Beyonce’s self-titled album, her fifth solo release so far, came out toward the end of 2013. The release shot right to the top of the Billboard 200 – if you can recall, tracks couldn’t be purchased individually – and has since sold 3 million copies worldwide and became the fastest-selling album in iTunes’ history. Boots had a role on Beyonce, producing a significant amount of it and contributing to its songwriting.

Written on Apr 23 2014 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: beyonce boots dreams


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